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A Minister’s Simple Job Description

St. Augustine’s timeless charge to those in ministry.

Augustine of Hippo

Augustine (A.D. 354–430) was bishop of Hippo (in modern day Algeria) as the Roman Empire was collapsing. He is best known for his writings about theology (City of God) and Christian living (Confessions). But in a sermon, he also clearly outlines the challenging task of ministry.

Disturbers are to be rebuked, the low-spirited to be encouraged, the infirm to be supported, objectors confuted, the treacherous guarded against, the unskilled taught, the lazy aroused, the contentious restrained, the haughty repressed, litigants pacified, the poor relieved, the oppressed liberated, the good approved, the evil borne with, and all are to be loved.
Augustine, Sermon CCIX

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